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    World's Best PB Image Analyzer

            Minimum Dose . Maximum Diagnostic Accuracy by UIMD PBIA-12A        

            Extraordinary Patient Throughput and Fast Workflow      

            High Quality RBC/WBC/PLT Image

            AI Imaging Processing 

            Advanced Reverse Filtering Technology    

            Friendly UI & Design

    The PBIA-12A is taking digital morphology analysis to the next level, delivering clearer images which are able to capture abnormalities in more detail.

    With advanced algorithms, the analyzer enables better identification of different cells with high throughput, resulting in greater productivity.

    More Quality Image


    Display the ultra clarity and authenticity of each cell

    The high-performance objective and advanced image sensor offer ultra resolution images to reappear the real view under the microscope

    Normal WBC 5-diff 


    Neutrophil, Monocyte, Eosinophil, Basophil, Lymphocyte

    Abnormal WBC, RBC, Platelet


    Blast, Plasma cell, Promyelocyte, Myelocyte, NRBC 

    More Intelligence 


    Reliable cell pree-classification and pre-characterization

    Hardware Specificationl view under the microscope

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