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  • BMIA-12A 

    World's First BM Image Analyzer

    Microscopy - Free

    What is BM Image Analyzer Brand Value?


    BMIA-12A offers everything you want in bone marrow analysis

    Automated Image Finding

    BM Reported Doctors Need

    Digitalized Bone Marrow Slides

    Automated Image Finding

    No more microscope

    Clear / stable image quality

    BM Reported Doctors Need

    Accurate 500 BM Cell Classification (18-diff)


    o    Neutrophil

    o    Promyelocyte

    o    Myelocyte

    o    Metamyelocyte

    o    Lymphocyte

    o    Reactive lymphocyte

    o    Abnormal lymphocyte

    o    Monocyte

    o    Eosinophil

    o    Basophil

    o    Blast

    o    Plasma cell

    o    Orthochromic normoblat

    o    Polychromic normoblast

    o    Basophilic normoblast

    o    Proerythroblast

    o    Megakaryoblast

    o    Others

    All Kinds of BM Cell

    PB smear, BM smear, biopsy, clot section, touch prints,
    special stains, immuno stains

    Hardware Specification

    Slide Capacity12 per Cassette (1 for input, 1 for output)
    Analysis Capable SlidesPeripheral Blood Smear
    (Wright stain, Giemsa stain, Wright&Giemsa stain)
    Bone marrow Smear
    (Wright stain, Giemsa stain, Wright&Giemsa stain, HE stain, Special stain, Immuno stain, Iron stain)
    Clot section, Touch print
    Reportable CellsBM cell : Neutrophil, Promyelocyte, Myelocyte, Metamyelocyte, Lymphocyte, Abnormal lymphocyte, Reactive lymphocyte, Monocyte, Eosinophil, Basophil, Blast, Plasma cell, Orthochromic normoblast, Polychromic normoblast, Basophilic normoblast, Proerythroblast, Others
    RBC : Normalcytic, Macrocytic, Microcytic, Anisocytic
    Normochromic, Hyperchromic, Hypochromic, Polychromic, Basophilic stippling, Target cell, Burr cell, Poikilocytosis, Ovalocyte, Sickle cell, Stomatocyte, Tear drop cell
    PLT : Giant Platelet
    Throughput (slides / hr)Up to 50 slides/h for complete differential (100 WBC + RBC) 
    Storage CapacityPrimary Storage : On local hard drive up to 2,000 slides
    Size (Width x Depth x Height)620mm x 520mm x 610mm
    Weight75kg Approx
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